Solar Install.

PKHS install and maintain Commercial and Residential Solar Energy Systems for customers nationwide.

Energy Solutions

You should be mindful that there are many different types of energy solutions and there are just as many companies claiming to be experts in energy systems installations. Given our background in large commercial systems, we understand energy consumption and not just the hardware that is installed.

There are solutions that heat your water and there are solutions that are designed to try and reduce your electricity bills. You may notice two different types or shapes of solar panels on various roofs in your neighbourhood. These are people who have decided to install both solutions.

Solar Maintenance

Many new or relatively new homes have a Solar Energy System already installed by the builder, as part of the BER requirement. Most of the calls we receive from customers with existing Solar systems are either experiencing problems with their solution or are questioning the efficiency of it because they believe their bills are still quite high. Dirt can build up on the roof panel which can reduce the amount sun light getting through and may simply just require a clean.

Calibration Issues

We have also found that new installations are often incorrectly calibrated from the day they were installed resulting in the solution working incorrectly and providing wrong information. Key main components like invertors can also cause problems. Regardless of who installed your system, PKHS are happy to discuss your requirement or problem.

Examples of Our Work

Below you can see examples of recently installed customer 11KW PV and invertor solution. We also supply and install several axillary energy controls that adds additional functionality and energy consumption monitoring.

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