Below are two examples of renovation projects recently completed by PKHS.

The Project Spec

In both projects, the customers wanted to obtain more living space by either extending the house and or installing a new kitchen and dining area. It was also a very important specification to “open up” the house to let in more light and have greater visibility of the garden. The design required heavy reinforcement and underpinning of internal supporting walls and new large door openings. Despite some bad weather, both projects were completed on time and within the agreed budgets.

The Scope

PKHS completed all the ground and building works. The project also required PKHS to install and commission all new electrical and plumbing services. This also required PKHS to modify and retest the existing heating and solar systems to cater for the additional capacity.

The Finish

The entire downstairs area in both projects required significant plastering, painting and tiling. Finally, PKHS supplied and fitted the beautiful sliding doors to finish off the project. PKHS even fitted the electric awning for the customer as we provided for the electrical connection in the design phase of the project.

Examples from these Projects

Below are graphic examples of the renovation projects

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