Heating Solutions.

When it comes to heating solutions, PKHS have significant experience in this technology. PKHS have installed domestic heating solutions to hundreds of Irish customers. Talk to us and we will help you decide which will be the best option for your needs.

PKHS – Heating for Homes

Oil (Kerosene), natural gas fuels and their respective burners have been around for a long time and they are well proven as a heating solution. Many residential customers are looking to replace these old systems because they costs too much to maintain, as replacement parts are getting scarce and expensive. For some, the cost of repairing them is greater than the cost of replacing them when all factors are added together.

Older Heating Systems

Gas and oil boilers remain the preferred option for both residential and commercial customers, but many traditional boilers are now being replaced with more energy efficient units, whereby they provide greater output while using less energy.

Heat Pumps

A trending and attractive alternative technology in both the domestic and commercial market is “Heat Pumps” using heat exchange techniques as a heating solution. Designing and retrofitting these solutions into an existing infrastructure requires an expert understanding of refrigeration principles, which is core to how these units operate.

Our Experience

PKHS is the preferred supplier, installer and maintainer of commercial heating boilers (Gas/Oil and Heat Exchange) to commercial customer nationwide. PKHS have also installed domestic heating solutions to hundreds of Irish customers.

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