Energy Solutions.

“Practice What We Preach”
Customers who are looking at installing energy solutions either for the purpose of saving money on energy bills or contributing to energy sustainability, always face the key question, “Is it worth the investment?”

PKHS – Making Sense of Energy

There is a lot of talk about Green initiatives, making changes that will make a difference to the environment and Governments are trying to incentive people to make changes to their energy consumption. PKHS can help you work out if its worth it and calculate the return of investment.

The PV Solution

The PV Solution is now sold as a commercial and small domestic solution to our customers looking to reduce their dependency of line electricity. Constant hot water, reduced energy bills and feeling better about your contribution to the environment are only some of the reasons you might consider taking this step. Our customers are delighted with the performance and believe, based on their usage profile, that they will save money.

Green Policy

PKHS made the decision to review its own Green policy, save money and apply its own skills and knowledge to install alternative power solutions in its head office. Our staff followed suite and installed solar solutions and smart lighting systems in their homes as well.

Examples of Our Work

Below are examples of the key renovation services we provide. With over 10 years’ experience and hundreds of projects, our full list of services is extensive:

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