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As a customer you benefit and gain comfort knowing that PKHS have the skill sets, knowledge and experience within our team to deliver a total solution for you. Having a comprehensive team of experts, the PKHS team will ensure that we deliver your project on time and carefully manage the cost of the project, because we have done it many times before.

PKHS – Our Promise

We will always be honest in our communication with a customer. We like to believe that we operate with integrity and that if we agree a price, we will honour that price. If there are changes in the scope of work or design during the project, which can happen, we will discuss and explain what the issue is in full and agree any change in the cost before proceeding.

Working Directly with You

PKHS have completed both small and large renovation projects which included electrical, plumbing and carpentry requirements in the scope. PKHS have worked directly with the customer in formulating a step by step design and managing the project from start to finish.

Working with Third Parties

Equally, PKHS have worked with customer advisors such as architects or engineers through the quality assurance process and final sign off. We depend on our reputation, customer reviews and consequently, a lot of our renovation service activity comes from repeat business or referrals.

Examples of Our Work

Below are examples of the key renovation services we provide. With over 10 years’ experience and hundreds of projects, our full list of services is extensive:

  • Shell and Core (Extension or Outbuildings)

  • Bathroom / Kitchens renovations and design
  • Full carpentry and flooring service
  • Plastering
  • Tiling and Painting Service
  • Comprehensive internal fit out including plumbing and electrical installation

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