Boiler Move Project

As well as installing and servicing boiler units, PKHS have also been asked to move them. Boilers can take up a lot of space, so some customers look to move their exiting boiler into “free” space like the attic (Note: Not all attics have enough height to install unit, call us and we will check). Sometimes when customers are replacing their boiler, they also consider moving the location of the new boiler to the outside of the building, freeing up storage space in the kitchen. This requires a specific boiler like the one in the image below.

The project pictures on the right depict a recent project completed in Stonebridge, Ratoath. The customer wanted to move the boiler to the attic. As part of the move and the new configuration, PKHS installed a new two zone control system using HIVE (see picture) that allows the customer to separately control the heating upstairs and downstairs either at the HIVE control unit or from their mobile devices. PKHS moved the boiler unit, installed new piping, reinsulated pipes and recommissioned.

External Boiler