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PKHS gets thousands of urgent call out requests to service or repair existing home Gas and Oil (Kerosene) boilers.

Boiler Options

Many residential customers are looking to replace ageing systems because they costs too much to maintain, as replacement parts are getting scarce and expensive. For some, the cost of repairing them is greater than the cost of replacing them when all factors are added together. Gas and oil boilers remain the preferred option for both residential and small commercial customers, but many traditional boilers are also being replaced mainly because they are less energy efficient, whereas new technology provides greater output using less energy and saves you money.

Independent & Expert

PKHS is an independent expert, and we will always work to keep your boiler running first, but sometimes that’s just not possible. If your boiler needs replacement, we will always look to give you advice and options. Being independent means that we can chose to use the best product for your needs. This is something tied suppliers or distributors will find difficult to do.

Our Commitment

More importantly, PKHS is the demarcation point for any issue you might have with your heating system. We do not pass on your issue to the manufacture to resolve. We own your problem until its resolved.

Boiler Installation Example

We replaced the customer’s old unit with a new De Dietrich unit which is one of the most highly efficient and reliable burners on the market today. After factoring in the size of this customer’s home and their usage profile, this was the best solution for that customer.

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